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overall this is an incredibly good piece of work. very bright and colourful, but no to much to be an eyesore. this design of Goth and Z...


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Hiya everyone. Some of you are a bit confused about the roles and characters In the Gorgon Chronicles. So, I thought i'd help out a little by showing you in basic form who my main characters are and their roles in the book. 

Lynna: Main protagonist/Heroine of the story.  there book is told from her perspective, her thoughts, feelings and we learn about her past as well as her hopes and dreams. Lynna is a realist. Sure, like all of us she has her hopes and dreams for the future but she is realistic about achieving those dreams. Lynna is sarcastic, determined, passionate, kind and quick minded as well as creative. Lynna is a perfect mix of her parents with the powers from medusa being increased agility, speed and eyesight. Like her mother, lynna can turn things to stone too, but found out this power by accident as it only really comes to her when she is startled greatly, angered or frightened, and from Poseidon it's the power over water, sea creatures to some extent (she can understand some sea creatures but not all as well as speak to some too like the dolphins or sharks). she can also cause earthquakes when angered. Lynna also seems to have her own powers too. Lynna seems to have an uncanny link to the weather to some degree, as shown in a scene where the sea and weather both reacted to her anger towards Ares, thus creating a massive storm that caused her and artemis to fall overboard and away from the group and landing them on a far off island. Lynna has Black snakes instead of hair, bright blue eyes and tan skin dusted with freckles. Lynna is athletic, surefooted and quick witted. She uses anything and everything around her to her advantage. Her best friend is Artemis, goddess of the hunt and wild. 

Artemis: the Deuteragonist/Sidekick of Lynna. Artemis is Lynna's best friend and loyal confidant. She is always willing and ready to help a friend r family member in need. Artemis is very optimistic. She is not naive, far from it but instead just likes to believe that everything and everyone has good inside them. Artemis is bubbly, joyful, adventurous and brave. She is loyal above anything else and loves her family, even if they get on her nerves at times. She loves her twin brother Apollo and is constantly looking out for him, as an older sister will, and sees that he stays out of mischief. Artemis's primary weapon her bow and silver tipped arrows. Trust me when I say that you don't want to be on the receiving end of her anger or arrow for that matter. Artemis does have a hot temper though but usually only gets angry when a family member or friend is hurt or insulted or when some guy tries to hit on her. Artemis has waist long wild curly hair, forest green eyes and tanned skin. She prefers the night over the day as this gives her the perfect cover for an ambush during the hunt. Artemis loves a good party and is one to dress to impress. 

Poseidon: The father of lynna and a mentor to her as well as being the Tritagonist of the book. Poseidon is a caring father to lynna, even though she is cold and distant towards him at times, afraid of letting her feelings out. Poseidon teaches lynna about her powers and what it means to be a leader. Poseidon is calm (most of the time), sarcastic, levelheaded, brave and strong willed. He has long brown hair and beard, tanned skin, bright blue eyes and  is muscular and strong. He often wears a light tunic and walks barefooted, carrying his silver jewel encrusted trident with him and a crown made of gold and shells. 

Ares: Mentor to Lynna in Olympus and checks in on her at different points during her quest. Ares is constantly frustrated with Lynna's sarcastic nature and 'inability to follow orders' so he says anyway, as well as her coldness towards him and timidness to push herself at times. He constantly mocks and challenges Lynna, trying to get her to reach her full potential and to try and help her overcome her concern with other's comments. Ares can only be described as rugged. He is grouchy, to the point, hot tempered, passionate and stubborn. Ares is burly, muscular and frightfully strong. He has many scars marring his body from training exercises and battles. With skin bronzed from being out in the sun, long dark hair often pulled back in a ponytail and extremely manly and muscular figure, with a dark and brooding personality to match his exterior it is no surprise why Ares is a heartthrob in Olympus and on earth too. 

Athena: Mentor to Lynna, he goddess of wisdom and warfare. Athena is intelligent, sharp tongued, and a no nonsense type of warrior. She helps lynna gain her confidence and strength of mind as well as body. initially, she and lynna understandably didn't really get along at first, what with medusa cursing medusa and playing a part in her death, the two eventually warmed up to each other. Athena wear simple clothing, often a white chiton and her armour or a more elaborate dress for parties or meetings. Athena has honey blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulders, braided at the sides and pulled up in a ponytail. With stormy Grey eyes, lightly tanned flawless skin and thin, yet slightly muscular figure, athena is as intimidating as she is kind and intelligent.  

Medusa: The mother of lynna, lover of poseidon and sister to Euryale and Stheno. She was the loveliest of the three sisters an fell in love with poseidon. forgetting her vows of chastity to the goddess athena, whom she served as a priestess, medusa fell pregnant by poseidon and was cursed by athena to become a gorgon. She has a minor role in the story but is the driving force behind the book as Lynna goes on a quest to bring her back. She is seen as kind, generous and thoughtful. she is forgiving and extremely brave, sacrificing herself to save her daughter's life. Medusa as a human has long straight black hair, olive skin and green eyes. As a gorgon she has light green scales, green Viper snakes instead of hair and slitted golden eyes. she is frightening, yet remains as kind and loving towards her family as ever. 

Madness: The main antagonist/villain of the book. He is the leader of the Evils that pandora set free. As his name suggests, Madness is the ruler of all things crazy and makes us do all the things we consider to be insane or bonkers. Madness is slick, forceful, crude, rude, egotistical, arrogant, snappy, angered easily and crazy. he can be charming and seductive if it works in his favour but loathes any feelings which are 
positive. Madness is dark skinned, kind of muscular, red eyed, curly haired and gives off an aura that practically screams darkness and chaos. 
here is another scene where Lynna is fighting Ares, the god of war in front of all of olympus in an arena to see how far she has come with her training.
Here is a design, depicting a scene from my book where lynna and artemis are captured by the Evils and their lackeys alog with an extract from the scene here: 

I woke up coughing up seawater and spitting out sand.
Groaning, i managed to sit up, rubbing my head and getting sand off of my clothes and snakes who were all out cold and limp.
I struggled to recall what had happened. Al i remember is Ares mocking me and then me yelling at him and suddenly the sky went dark, lightning flashed and the waves rocked the boat. Then i was flung from the ship and dragged down. 
Wait. No! It wasn't just me that was cast from the ship. I remember Artemis also tumbling into the water with me. Was she on this island too?
"Artemis?" I called "Artemis, where are you? are you here?"
I began to search the beach but could find no trace of my friend. Now I was worried.
I ran to the water's edge and gazed out to sea. The sky was clear once more and the sun was shining. No trace of the storm that had wreaked our boat and more importantly, there was no ship in sight!
The storm must have blown our ship away, taking with it the rest of the group.
Well, this was just great. I had no idea no idea where I was and no clue where Artemis could be either. What if she was still in the water? I began to panic. What if she'd drowned?!
'No, Lynna, don't be ridiculous. Artemis is immortal remember. She can't die'. This fact comforted me a bit, but I was still worried. 

I jumped out of my skin when I heard the distant screams of a girl screaming. My blood ran cold as I ran towards the terrifying sound. That was Artemis, I was sure of it. She was in trouble and needed my help.
leaping over rocks and bushes I spotted human footprints on the ground. It looked like the person had been running...away from something. I shivered as I also spied the pawprints of a large animal.
I pushed past a low hanging branch and shivered. The golden blood of the gods stained the floor in patches. There was other signs of a struggle too. Chunks of mud were strewn about, as well as scratches in the earth, like someone was trying to fight and claw away from something but was dragged back. 
"Artemis," i called out worriedly, fearing for her safety greatly by this point. There was no doubt in my mind that the blood staining the ground was hers and from the looks of it, she had put up one heck of a fight. 
"Artemis?," I called again, this time louder and more frantic. i was constantly on the lookout for danger. I had no idea who had taken Artemis, But I knew for sure that it was a wild animal of some kind. And if artemis couldn't control a wild animal, then we were both in serious trouble. 
A twig snapped behind me and i whirled around in alarm, unsheathing my dagger and brandished it wildly, ready to strike out at the smallest sign of danger.
Golden eyes glinted in the darkness of the bushes and I tensed. 
I screamed in terror and pain as a large furry hand struck me in the back, sending me sprawling in the mud. I scrambled to me feet and gazed up in absolute terror at the large black wolf, a Lykos, staring down at me in with a hungry gleam in its golden eyes. It raised its muscular arm again and tried to strike me. I Managed to gather my wits and senses just in time, for I ducked out the way and leaped to my feet, slashing at the giant beast in the process. 
I let out a small yelp of pain, for my dagger was god forged after all and was extremely sharp and lethal. Its pain quickly turned to rage. I began to back away but another crack behind me alerted me to the presence of another giant beast.
The first Lykos lunges at me again but I dove out of the way, rolling to the side so it crashed into its friend, both of them snarling and yelping as they began to fight each other, attacking myself clearly forgotten.
I once again began to back away, not taking my eyes off the fighting wolves but collided with something solid. I stiffened when I also heard the sound of someone struggling.
I turned swiftly, raising my dagger.
"Now, now, little gorgon. We Wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, now would we?," the man said, tauntingly nodding towards Artemis who was struggling in his iron grip, one hand over her mouth, the other clasping her hands behind her back.
My heart practically stopped when I saw how ill my best friend now looked. Her eyes were wild with terror and were unfocused and dull. She looked extremely pale and weak, looking like she was about to collapse at any moment, if not for the man that was holding her up in a manner that must have been very uncomfortable for her, given her current state of health. Her side was torn open and her legs were also covered in her golden blood, mixed with dirt and her wild hair was even messier than usual. 
"What did you do to her?" I snarled, completely forgetting about the two Lykos behind me who had currently stopped fighting and were growing lowly, the sound vibrating in my chest, but I ignored it. I had much more pressing matters to deal with, like getting Artemis to safety. Still, I couldn't let my guard down either, around the beasts.   
"Just making sure that she doesn't put up a fight" the man grinned, his red eyes glinting with sick amusement.
"In fact," his grin became a lot wider as I started towards him, ready to slash him to pieces for hurting Artemis "I think I'll do the same to you".
He flicked his wrist and a sudden wave of nausea came over me, making me double over. My whole body felt terrible, like it was about to collapse from under me. My body was burning up, sweat began to form on my skin and I felt so weak and tired and sick.
"What did you do to me?" I managed to croak out, my throat feeling extremely dry.
"Making sure you don't fight me. Grab her," he ordered the Lykos who I had slashed earlier who growled in pleasure and picked me up none to gently as the man began to walk away, dragging Artemis with him.
"You won't get away with this" I cried, anger making some of my strength return to me.
He turned and smirked at me, glancing down at Artemis who gave the iciest glare she could muster before smirking cruelly at me. I raised my chin as an act of defiance, but another wave of nausea came over me and I dropped my head, cringing as my head felt like it was about to split in two and focusing on not bringing up my last meal.
He chuckled lowly as he took in my feeble state.
"I already have. I'm sure the king will be very pleased to see you both"
He began walking again as I tried to process what he said and possibly who he could be.
Hiya all!
just wondering what you guys would think of the pairing Perseus x Lynna? can you say what you think of this pairing please and why you think this please. be honest. I won't get offended at all if you don't like this pairing but i would love to know why you think this. If you would like more info on why i chose this pairing in the first place then please send me a note with your questions.
THANKS ALL!!!!!!!!


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hey. I'm lynnajens and i absolutely love nothing more than Greek and Norse mythology and the Silverwing trilogy. my favorite color is green while my favorite food is PIZZA!!!! I am currently learning Spanish and hope to move to Greece when i get older. i have been writing a book for almost four years now and hope to get it published soon.

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